Horizon scanning: Corporate risk and compliance in 2021 – managing the regulatory burden



An ever-evolving regulatory landscape means that companies are faced with an incredible amount of compliance for their legal team to manage. With the addition of a potential general ‘failure to prevent’ corporate criminal offence on the horizon, and the perennial ‘do more with less’ challenge, how do you stay on top of regulatory challenges?

Join this session to discuss:
• What are the regulatory challenges currently keeping GCs awake?
• Corporate criminal liability for economic crime – what is the proposed new ‘catch all’ offence, and how can GCs prepare?
• How do you manage the increasing volume of regulatory change? How valuable is technology and AI in tackling this challenge?
• Risk mitigation – is your compliance training robust enough? And what lessons can we learn from recent enforcement activities?
• Silver linings – is the compliance challenge also an opportunity for GCs to be drivers of
change in corporate culture and in broader societal issues such as ESG