Finding your firm’s USP



Defining and building your firm’s narrative within the organisation and translating this internationally can be a challenge. When done successfully, this can become a true USP and differentiator for firms. This session will have industry specialists discussing how to unify and expand your recognition and attain that USP all firms are pursuing:

  • With public scrutiny and the cancel culture of today’s society on the rise, do firms now need to have their socioeconomic and geopolitical position clearly defined and understood?
  • Is this consistent in practice with your actions and the clients that you represent?
  • How do you create consistency around your brand and messaging on a global scale?
  • How do you align your internal brand, typically controlled by HR, with your external brand?
  • How can you integrate sub-brands and products to become an extension of the overall brand?
  • Can you expand recognition without undermining your legacy?