Dealing with fluctuating risk appetite



Risk appetite is dictated by the business through its strategy. Legal teams are expected to align themselves with this – which doesn’t always come naturally. As a legal team, how do you deal with a fluctuating risk appetite within the business, and fully understand the risks that you are taking on as a team and as a business?

Join this session to hear the panel share their thoughts on:

  • Was the speed at which legal teams had to operate during the crisis good or bad? Are we seeing any ramifications of this so far?
  • How do you go about giving practical legal advice when the appetite for risk from the business is higher than usual? What can we learn from the risk appetite of start-ups?
  • Discussing the measures and/or technology deployed by legal teams to support managing risks
  • How do you successfully flex your risk appetite as a legal team?
  • Sharing experiences of having to make judgment calls on the spot as to how high a risk you are willing to take on an issue