Roundtable A: An unprecedented year for business: The role of legal functions in balancing commerciality and risk in delivering a company’s purpose



Purpose defines a Group’s relevance to its stakeholders’ objectives through and beyond COVID-19 and the Brexit transition. In the resurgence phase, many businesses are reconsidering their purpose and taking the opportunity to reset their company’s strategy. This roundtable will look at the role of in-house legal function in balancing commerciality and risk when delivering a company’s “purpose” in the resurgence phase.  Join us in this roundtable to discuss how legal functions are addressing these issues.

This will include topics such as:

  • How have businesses reviewed their purpose during COVID-19 and the Brexit transition to align with their stakeholders’ needs?
  • How and to what extent are businesses adjusting their operating models?
  • What are the greatest challenges as a legal function you face this year?
  • How are legal functions managing and changing their approach to commerciality and risk?
  • Whether your legal function’s relationship with your external advisors is changing and if so, how?