Merrill Corporation meets the needs of security and transparency for the Leveson Inquiry

London, 29 November 2012

Following Lord Justice Leveson’s report dated Thursday 29 November 2012 following the end of the Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the British media, Merrill Corporation explains why it was the Inquiry’s partner for providing document review and disclosure tools and real-time court reporting services for the entire Inquiry.

Lord Justice Leveson stated that proceedings were to be as ‘transparent as possible’ with maximum public access and Merrill skilfully balanced the requirement for security and transparency throughout. The Inquiry Team dealt with highly sensitive material and the Inquiry needed absolute confidence that all data would be reliable and secure.

‘We were privileged to support the Inquiry with our expert team in the Inquiry room’ said Jayne Perry, Managing Director, Merrill Legal Solutions. ‘Our staff are security cleared for managing the most sensitive evidence and the client was ensured that our technology guaranteed the reliability of the information’

Merrill’s real-time court reporting service enabled legal teams to work on evidence in court, confident that they weren’t missing a word. Live verbatim transcript was also streamed direct to the media from every hearing. Security was guaranteed by giving access to disclosure documents via Merrill Lextranet, the document hosting and review tool. Access to the data was set up according to security instructions for the Inquiry Team and the core participants, which determined the documents available to them. In the Leveson Inquiry there were 20 different security groups.

The Inquiry Team was in total control; determining or changing the security settings and verifying that participants were viewing the correct evidence. This extra level of security from Merrill Corporation gave the Inquiry Team the critical reassurance it needed.



About Courtroom services

Real-time Reporting: Using specialist software, a court reporting team provides a live feed of proceedings to laptops in the court so judges and parties can follow what is being said in real-time, make annotations, and send messages between team members. Merrill also provides live remote feed to parties’ offices and where permissible for high profile hearings, a live feed to the press.

Electronic presentation of evidence (EPE): Using specialist software, a court operator pulls up documents as they are referred to during proceedings, allowing participants to view instantaneously and simultaneously,

ensuring that everyone is looking at the same document at the same time.

About e-Disclosure

The management, collection, processing, hosting and disclosure of material for matters requiring document review. Merrill Corporation streamlines case management processes with custom-designed technology and experienced personnel, resulting in substantial time and money savings.


About Merrill Corporation

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