Men’s best friend

Congratulations to BPP Law School chief executive Peter Crisp, who married his partner of 20 years, Jeremy Crouch, at Camden Town Hall in August in a civil partnership ceremony.

Crouch, a tax accountant, romantically informed Crisp that “there are very sound tax reasons for doing it”. But what’s this? Apparently the couple are already expecting the patter of tiny feet. Eight of them, in fact. Is this a miracle? Apparently not. Crisp received two Dachshunds, aka sausage dogs, as a wedding present from his BPP colleagues.

“Jeremy and I have discussed the logistics, what we’d do when we go on holiday, whether we have enough space and so on, and have decided to go ahead,” Crisp said. “But I do like the idea of walking them to work. I think I’d cut quite a dash.”