Men behaving badly

Presidential candidate Eileen Pembridge complains she is being marginalised because of her sex. It would be easy to dismiss her claim. After all, as the legal establishment will say, it is easy to latch on to the "sex discrimination" label when the chips are down.

But as election day approaches, there is every sign that the establishment is closing ranks around its official candidate, Henry Hodge, and doing so in a way which isolates Pembridge.

Although Hodge and Pembridge are not very different in their political beliefs, it is Pembridge who is dismissed by establishment lawyers as the "left-wing, feminist" candidate.

While acknowledging that any electoral candidate is fair game, the hypocrisy of those who sideline Pembridge is there for all to see. Let no one forget that it was she who was brave enough to deal with the issue of sexual harassment instead of standing on the sidelines.