Memery Crystal defends layoff stats

Memery Crystal has rebutted claims made by former employees that at least 20 people lost their jobs in two rounds of redundancies in July and October this year, arguing that the correct figure is 16.

Managing ;partner ­Harvey Rands told The Lawyer in a statement ­earlier this month that two corporate fee-earners, together with the equivalent of two full-time ­positions in information and knowhow, and three support staff had been made redundant – a total of eight people in all.

But one former employee argued that the correct ­figure for the period in ­question was in fact 12, including one employment and one ­property fee-earner, and that 10 people lost their jobs in July – giving a total
of 22.

Rands said: “I suspect the discrepancy was because there were two temping jobs that we didn’t include. There is another fee-earner going from employment this month. No property fee-earner has left in October or November.”

He added: “Some people left and were replaced and were not made redundant.”

Rands told The Lawyer that seven people were made redundant at the firm in July, including two corporate and two real-estate fee-earners and three secretaries. Outplacement services, considered routine at many firms, were only made available to one of those made redundant at Memery Crystal.