Media law expert joins up with Tarlo Lyons

ENTERTAINMENT law specialist Stanley Munson has joined Tarlo Lyons following the merger of his old firm with Davenport Lyons.

Munson was a partner in the Wright Webb Syrett company commercial department which did not follow the litigation team to Davenport Lyons in the merger earlier this month.

At the time, Davenport Lyons said it had only been interested in the litigation department at the rival firm.

But Munson says he and his colleagues in company commercial were happy to go their separate ways and had never been keen on the prospect of a merger.

“The litigation department was very keen to join Davenport Lyons, we were keen to move elsewhere.”

Munson had been at Wright Webb for 20 years, working in film, television and music industry law.

He says Tarlo Lyons has both strong entertainment law and information technology departments putting it in an ideal position to exploit the emergence of the new multi-media field.

Describing his move as a breath of fresh air, he says: “It was time for a change and Tarlo Lyons is a very strong company.”