Medecins Sans Frontier appoints Dibbs' lawyer

World humanitarian aid organisation Medecins sans Frontiers (MSF) has appointed a Dibb Lupton Alsop associate as its counsel for Europe.

Mike Pullen, who is based at Dibbs' office in Brussels, will exclusively handle the charity's dealings with the European Union. He will deal particularly with cross-border regulations.

The charity sends out doctors, medical supplies and food to third world countries.

Pullen was approached by the charity to take the pro bono position after helping MSF to sort out a problem with importing beef into Bosnia.

His background is in EU and International Law.

He has recently been advising eastern European countries on how to bring their laws into line with those of the EU in preparation for joining.

Pullen was brought up on a fairground and left school at 12 years old, qualifying later through the Open University.