Meat marketing

Now, Tulkinghorn does not usually hold with gratuitous nudity. The days when he would cavort around Tulkinghorn Manor wearing nothing but his briefs are sadly long gone due to his gout, and the last time Mrs Tulkinghorn wore fancy underwear was to celebrate the end of the Suez crisis. But it seems that his views are out of step with the Bristol legal profession.
Following in the footsteps of the Women's Institute, Burges Salmon has decided to show its clients what lurks beneath their suits. It is, of course, all in the name of charity, namely the MS Therapy Centre in Bristol, but Tulkinghorn is rather concerned about the time that his wife is spending planning events for the months of July and August. Usually she only leaves Tulkinghorn Manor to see the chiropodist or to play bridge, and so has no need for a calender, but now she is constantly studying dates for the summer. Tulkinghorn cannot help wondering whether it has anything to do with the accompanying picture. The caption reads: “We've handled the beef crisis. Have you?” Tulkinghorn presumes this means that all three of the young men are senior agricultural lawyers. But he is reliably informed that apparently they are, from left to right, Anthony Pickard-Rose, Chris Pritchett and Gary Roscoe, all trainees.
Much more to Tulkinghorn's taste is the following month, featuring, from left to right, assistants Jo White, James Orpin and Camilla Usher-Clark. There's nothing Tulkinghorn likes more than a young lady who knows the value of her share portfolio and a man who knows the value of a good pair of socks.
Lastly, and arguably least in the eyes of all but their mothers', is this trio, namely head of corporate finance Chris Godfrey, Head of rail Nick Olley and litigation partner William Neville. Being partners, they really should know better. Although Tulkinghorn is all too aware of the Freudian connotations of their ties, who are they trying to kid with their big briefcases? Surely their tools of the trade could have been contained in a mere clutch bag.