Meade King in Bath splits from Bristol HQ

MEADE King's Bath branch office has de-merged with its Bristol headquarters to join forces with its neighbour Stone King & Wardle.

Senior partner at the Meade King satellite office Tom Charrington describes the move as the best solution to the problem caused by a freeze on expansion at his office.

Although he stresses the office he set up in Bath 15 years ago was profitable, he says having to refer clients to Bristol for specialist company commercial work was causing difficulties.

“We were unable to expand and put specialists in, which makes it inevitable that you have to refer specialist work to Bristol making a branch office less and less profitable.”

His partner, Judith Pepler, also joins Stone King & Wardle on a consultancy basis along with two support staff. One assistant solicitor has been made redundant.

Charrington says the demerger with the Bristol office was entirely amicable but he is looking forward to the move which will allow him to concentrate more on his private clients by passing over commercial work to his new colleagues.

Stone King & Wardle senior partner John Rushton says Charrington and Pepler will bolster the firm's ability to advise private clients.