McGrigor Donald elects new chief

Scottish firm McGrigor Donald has elected a new senior partner who will be based in London in a bid to increase the firm's UK profile.

In an unopposed election, McGrigors' partners voted for London-based corporate partner Robert Glennie. In his new role Glennie will chair McGrigors' board, which is responsible for policy and strategy.

Kirk Murdoch, McGrigors' UK managing partner, says the appointment sends out a strong message to the UK market that the firm intends to rely less on Scotland in the future.

He says: “Robert will continue to operate from our London office and this clearly signals our determination to develop and strengthen our UK-wide business.”

Current senior partner Fred Shedden, who is based in Glasgow, is set to leave the firm in April 2000. Glennie will take up the position on 1 May.

Murdoch says Shedden is quitting the firm to focus on his existing non-executive directorships and plans to forge new business links.

Shedden is non-executive director of Standard Life, property company Scottish Metropolitan and Japanese investment fund Martin Curry.

He is also a member of the Scottish Further Education Funding Council.

Shedden, who will be working closely with Glennie until the handover, says: “Robert will make an excellent senior partner. He combines the best of traditional partnership values with a very strong commercial focus. Clients and colleagues alike value his judgement and his thorough approach.”

Glennie founded the London office and has worked there for more than 10 years.

Murdoch says: “We want him to continue to be client-driven. This will not be an exclusive management role.”