McClures goes after concert promoter for fees

The writ, which has been issued by McClures partner Philip Sewell, alleges that Lundquist has failed to pay fees totalling £63,000 owed for a range of advice, including on a trademark registration for The Drifters.

The firm is also seeking £17,013 in interest from the concert promoter. The firm said it is yet to receive ­payment despite an alleged agreement that Lundquist would pay in June 2009.

Lundquist spent part of his career as an agent for The Drifters as well as for Irish soul band The ­Commitments.

McClures, which ­reported a turnover of £15.6m at the 2008-09 year-end ­compared with £15.4m for 2007-08, has offices in ­Glasgow, ­Edinburgh and London.