MCC blames delays on efficient police

Over-efficient policing is causing massive delays in Birmingham's magistrates' courts, says the local Magistrate's Court Committee (MCC) in response to a damning government report.

HM Magistrates' Courts Service Inspectorate review of the city's magistrates' courts calls for action to combat the “unacceptable delays” in the progress of cases – particularly at Victoria Law Courts, Europe's largest and busiest magistrates' court.

The MCC admits there are delays but says the huge stream of work that comes through the courts makes it hard to improve the situation.

An MCC spokesman says: “The West Midlands police have become more efficient in the last two years. As a result, the work of the courts has increased substantially. The system is struggling to cope.”

The report, however, claims the rising workload has revealed poor administrative systems and inadequate use of IT and demands a full review of the problem.

The MCC says a “substantially increased” grant from the Lord Chancellor's Department will help improve its administrative process.