Maverick returns to Law Soc Council

Palmer Capital Partners legal director Christopher Digby-Bell is returning to the Law Society Council two years after being voted out of his City of London seat.

The outspoken maverick has been elected to the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire seat of the council in a contested campaign against Luton-based lawyer Aksar Chalari-Ali.

Digby-Bell stood on a politicising agenda, aiming to challenge the government. He said: “My vision is to transform the Law Society from being a frightened, defensive group of lawyers cowtowing to the government in an attempt to achieve a soft landing on regulation into being a confident, progressive organisation fit to lead a proud profession in the modern age.”

Earlier this year, Digby-Bell lost an election for the council’s commercial property seat to Nicholas Fluck of two-partner Lincolnshire boutique Stapleton & Son.