Matrix on song

Hell apparently hath no fury like a TV talent contestant scorned.

Emma Czikai is suing Simon Cowell and his TV production company for £2.5m, claiming that her public humiliation could have cost her a seven-figure singing career (see story).

The Susan Boyle wannabe dreamed a dream of pop stardom for all of about two-and-a-half seconds on Britain’s Got Talent last year. It was about that far into her performance when, presumably distressed by the nearby sound of pained canines, Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan decided enough was enough and buzzed her off.

Undeterred by such an overwhelmingly one-sided judgment of her musical abilities, the former nurse has taken a disability discrimination claim all the way to an employment tribunal, with Matrix Chambers’ Tom Linden QC enlisted to represent he of the high waistband.

Miss Czikai, you see, has fibromyalgia, which she claims means adjustments should have been made to the programme’s sound levels.

The condition can lead sufferers to experience severe pain and fatigue. However, not many medical textbooks list the inability to hit a high C among the presenting symptoms.