More musical Asian tsunami relief efforts. Following on from last week’s plug for the rock bash at The Spitz on 22 March starring The Simkins Partnership, this one comes courtesy of Denton Wilde Sapte (DWS). And this time the music is of a more genteel, but equally exceptional, standard.

A DWS legal assistant, who happens to be a talented classical conductor, is organising a performance of Verdi’s Requiem Mass to raise funds for the victims of the tsunami disaster.

Nicholas Zaklama has brought together some 200 musicians and singers, all of whom have agreed to give their time for free for this good cause. The performers are a mixture of professional, semi-professional and quality amateurs and include a large number of lawyers. Denton Wilde Sapte has agreed to sponsor the event, but is looking for a co-sponsor to help cover the cost of organising it and to help ensure that every penny raised from ticket sales will go to the relief fund.

The performance will take place on Thursday 24 March at the Barbican in London. Interested parties should contact the Barbican box office from 4 March.