Martineau to become carbon-unfriendly

Birmingham-based Martineau Johnson is being ‘carbon assessed’. For those unfamiliar with this trendy piece of enviro-speak, what it refers to is a calculation concerning the amount of global warming-causing C02 emissions one’s organisation, home or business is responsible for.

The process involves a detailed assessment of everything from the energy bill to recycling to whether your staff drive, cycle or roller-skate to work.

It is often the forerunner to going ‘carbon-neutral,’ or in other words ‘offsetting’ one’s carbon emissions by sponsoring carbon-reducing initiatives such as tree planting or sequestration (neutralising it underground).

If not yet the full carbon-neutral caboodle, the move is still a laudable gesture in these times of apocalyptic weather and melting icecaps.

Hopefully the audit is a success otherwise Birmingham rival Wragge & Co is sure to sneak in and pip Martineau to the ‘first carbon-neutral Brum firm’ title.Get the latest news and an irreverent commentary delivered to your desktop every day by subscribing to Lawyer News Daily.

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