Martineau opens on Saturdays for convenient, covert divorces

The firm is offering the weekend surgery to target high net-worth individuals who are too busy to see a lawyer during the week.

“We had people saying they weren’t going to be in the country until the weekend,” said head of private capital Mary Kaye. “If you think of any other service, whether it be the bank or the doctor, [they are available on a Saturday]. Family lawyers can’t say, ‘I’m available nine to five or on my BlackBerry’, if they want to work with high net-worth individuals.”

She added that the service could be particularly attractive for those wanting to avoid undue attention.

Martineau also wants to build up its seven-strong family team.

The Lawyer reported last year (22 September 2008) that family lawyers were braced for a glut of divorce proceedings as spouses looked to secure dwindling assets at the start of the recession.