Marketing Booth

Call him old-fashioned, but Tulkinghorn would not give the title of ‘lawyer’ to everyone. He would restrict it to people who are lawyers. But the former ‘first lady of Downing Street’ and current lawyer Cherie Booth QC appears to diverge from Tulkinghorn’s opinion. In a recent speech to business development (BD) and marketing staff of law firms, she told the gathering “you’re lawyers too”.

On seeing the slightly unconvinced looks on the scores of faces she was addressing, Booth emphasised her position, saying: “The legal profession has long been about more than just the law. Increasingly we’re becoming businesses and BD, and marketing plays an influential role within the legal profession – making us all lawyers now.”

One BD manager told a Tulkinghorn scribe that while he could see Booth’s point, he was still dubious as to whether he really was a lawyer.

Tulkinghorn quite understands. Few clients would want an army of marketing managers working on a deal while the lawyers send out press releases.