Maravela|Asociații assisted the Belgian company Interparking in the almost €4m acquisition of a parking in Timișoara, in the context of the operator’s business expansion in Romania.

Interparking Group is present in 9 countries and in over 360 cities, currently holding 782 units totalizing 355.839 parking spaces, Europewide. In 2016, the group’s turnover was of over €410m.

Interparking holds 4 parkings in Romania, în Bucharest and Timișoara. The P700 parking in Timișoara has a capacity of 520 parking spaces, whilst the parkings in Bucharest have a total of 1.400 parking spaces.

Maravela|Asociații’s team, coordinated by Partner Dana Rădulescu, assisted with regards to due diligence, as well as negotiation and drafting of the transaction documents.