Many trainees are happy

I read the article on page two and the editorial on page18 of the student focus in The Lawyer, 19 May, with an open mind, but found your message misleading.

While "bitterness, disillusionment and despair" is an understandable reaction to a salary of £3,500 in today's profession, the inclusion of the quote referring to the "considerably low wage" of £17,500 suggests that a proportion of the dissatisfied 39 per cent represented the greed of trainees who do not appreciate the money and effort spent on their training.

It is inevitable that thoughts drift to greener pastures, and subsequently people forget the reasons why they decide against alternative careers.

Many begin a training contract because they have still to decide what they want to do with their lives. The training contract is a short-term commitment leading to a respected qualification.

A more balanced picture may have emerged had you included quotes from the 61 per cent who wished to remain in the profession.

John Berry, trainee solicitor, Allen & Overy