Much fun was had by The Lawyer amid the canapés and booze at Lovells' press party last week.
When senior partner Andrew Walker grabbed the microphone to make a welcoming speech, he proudly told the gathering that there were partners present from Germany, France and the Netherlands. Tulkinghorn cleverly spotted this as a telltale sign of the firm's cunning plan to take over the world – all Walker needed was a leather chair and a cat.
But when one of Tulkinghorn's colleagues decided to seek out said Dutch partner Marc Wallheimer for a serious discussion, she ran into a tricky problem. Ask as she might, not one of the Lovells partners she turned to knew what Mr Wallheimer looked like. Could Walker's proclamations all be just a lot of smoke and mirrors? she asked herself.
In desperation, she resorted to working the room, ably assisted by Lovells' Lucy Francis, who had a cunning knack of reading partygoers' name badges from an incredible distance.
At last their due diligence paid off. But no sooner had Wallheimer been located than the cunning Walker strode over and whisked him off. Oh well, at least she will recognise him next time. And hopefully some of the Lovells partners that have 'truly merged' with their Dutch members will too.