Manchester blighted

Who’d be a Premier League director? Last week vandals, also known as Manchester United FC supporters, redecorated one of the club’s director’s cars. Maurice Watkins, long-time legal adviser to the once-successful outfit, found his Jaguar’s exterior had been repainted in a not unattractive Jackson Pollack style. The attack, for such it was, was naturally and properly condemned by the club.

It was believed to be linked to the ongoing row about the ownership of Man U, once again the centre of a takeover bid.
“The behaviour of a few individuals does nothing to enhance the reputation of the club they claim to support,” said a club spokesman.
Tulkinghorn is worried, though, that the target was not a takeover-related director but a highly-paid and prominent lawyer. We know of a few other footy club directors that are also partners. You know who you are – and you may wish to watch where you’re parking your car.