Manchester barristers gain ground in silks list

MANCHESTER'S strong showing in the silks list – with 10 new QCs – has been greeted with more than a little surprise.

“I'd like to know what they are going to do because there simply isn't the work,” says one local barrister.

One option is to move down to London. John Taylor, senior clerk at Old Square Chambers, says: “There will be a lot of London chambers looking at them, saying come down here.”

In any event, movement is expected. Leading Manchester set Byrom Street Chambers, made up entirely of Queen's Counsel, usually manages to poach one or two new QCs.

The leading commercial sets have once again done well, with Brick Court winning four new silks and One Essex Court three. They now have 26 and 23 silks respectively.

Peter Bennett, practice manager at 36 Bedford Row, says it is far easier for a commercial barrister to take silk than a criminal specialist.

This year, there were 553 applications for silk. Of those, 45 applications were from women, 27 from ethnic minority lawyers and eight from solicitors. Of the 69 appointed, nine are women, five are from an ethnic minority and one is a solicitor.


Ashurst Morris Crisp

Mark Clough (partner 1995)-EU Law

9 Bedfor Row

kate Thirlwass (1982) – general common law

36 Bedford Row

Anesta Weekses (1981)-employment, crime


Ian Mill (1981)-media and intertainment, intellectual property, sports

4 Breams Buildings

Christopher Katkowski (1982)- planning

Brick Court

Paul Walker (1979)- public, administration

David Anderson (1985) – EU community law, human rights.

David Lloyd Jones (1975)- EU international public law

Charles Hollander (1978)- commercial, energy, sports

4 Brick Court

Elizabeth Marsh (1979) – crime

Crown Office Row

Nigal Lambert (1974)- crime

Henry Grunwald (1972)- crime

Doughty Street

Frank Panford (1972) – media and libel, extradition, actions against police

James Wood (1975)- crime, actions against police

Essex Court

Christopher Greenwood (1978)- public international law

One Essex Court

Stephen Auld (1979)- financial services, company, banking

William Rhodri Davies (1979)- banking, finance, insurance, arbitration

Susanna FitzGerald (1973)- licensing/gaming

4 Essex Court

Charles Haddon-Cave (1978)- commercial, aviation

23 Essex Street

Michael Wood (1976)- crime

Christopher Kinch (1976)- crime

Fountain Court

Stephen Moriarty (1986)- commercial

Brian Doctor (1991)- commercial

Two Garden Court

owen Davies (1973)- crime

4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Richard McManus (1982)- administrative and public law

Hodge Malek (1983)- regulatory, commercial

Hardwicke Building

Nigel Jones (1976)- professional negligence, construction, commercial

1 Hare Court

David Waters (1973)- crime

3 Hare Court

Philip Hackett (1978)- crime, white-collar fraud


Paul Darling (1983)-construction

6 King's Bench Walk

Anthony Leonard (1978)- crime

7 King's Bench Walk

Alistair Schaff (1983)- shipping, insurance, arbitration

10 King's Bench Walk

Michael Wolkind (1976)- crime

New Court

Charles Howard (1975)- family

1 New Square

Robin Hollington (1979)- company, insolvency, PI

Old Square

Matthais Kelly (1979)- PI, medical negligence

1 Paper Buildings

Anthony Davies (1971)- crime

2 Paper Buildings

Michel Massih (1979)- crime

4 Paper Buildings (Harvey McGregor QC)

Eleanor Sharpston (1980)- EU, competition, human rights

Michael Pooles (1978)- professional negligence

5 Raymond Buildings

Adrienne Page (1974)- defamation, media law

3/4 South Square

Robin Knowles (1982)- insolvency

Mark Phillips (1984)- insolvency

5 Stone Buildings

Andrew Simmonds (1980)- pensions, professional negligence

199 The Strand

Elizabeth Anne Gumbel (1974)- medical negligence, PI

2 Temple Gardens

Howard Palmer (1977)- insurance


3 Fountain Court

Robert Jackes (1974)- crime

4 Fountain Court

Patrick Thomas (1973)- crime

jeremy Cousins (1977)- commercial

5 Fountain Court

David Ralph Lewis (1978)- PI

St Philip's

James Corbett (1975)- commercial



Stephen Wildblood (1980)-family

St John's

Christopher Sharp (1975)- PI, family


Sedan House

Robin Spencer (1978)- crime



David Tyzack (1970)-family


6 Park Square

Eleanor Hamilton (1979)- family


8 King Street

Gerard McDermott (1978)-PI, professional negligence, employment

40 King Street

Michael Booth (1981)- chancery, commercial

Nicholas Braslavsky (1983)- PI, medical negligence

Lincoln House

Peter Wright (1981)- crime

Alan Conrad (1976)- crime


David Berkley (1979)- commercial chancery

Peel Court

Anthony Russel (1974)- crime, serious fraud

Richard Marks (1975)- crime, serious fraud

9 St John St

Philip Hinchliffe (1980)- PI, medical negligence

18 St John Street

Raymond Wigglesworth (1974)- crime


Broad Chare

Sally Bradley (1978)-family


Brian Forster (1977)- crime


Paradise Square

Jeremy Baker (1979)- crime, PI