Manches sues hypnotherapist

Manches has successfully sued to recover costs a hypnotherapist it represented in a three-year libel case against TV hypnotist Paul McKenna.

Michael Joseph originally turned to Manches in 1996 when McKenna sued him for libel over a letter in Joseph's publication The European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, which compared McKenna to Hitler.
The case was settled in 1999, months after Manches had come off the record in the case in February of that year. At this point, Joseph owed Manches around £36,000.
Manches partner John Rubinstein took the case, acting for the journal and for Joseph. Paul McKenna was represented by Schilling & Lom and Partners.
Joseph refused to pay the fees, claiming that he was in the situation of “a householder who asks a builder to mend his leaking roof, but finds that, instead, he has built him an expensive garden fence that he did not require”.
Joseph counterclaimed professional negligence and tried to recover £17,000 in interim bills from Manches. Manches also successfully defended this claim.
Joseph sought leave to appeal the latest judgment, but it was denied. He is now seeking leave from the Court of Appeal to appeal against that ruling.