Manches drops '& Co' for slimline look

First cameron mcKenna fiddled with its capitals, then edge ellison dropped its (capital) e's.

Now Manches & Co is taking the bold step of modernising its image by dropping the '& Co' from its name. The firm will now be known simply as Manches.

Alasdair Simpson, Manches' senior partner, says: “It is complementary to a modern forward-thinking business like ours.”

According to a Manches spokesman, changes to the Guide to the Conduct of Solicitors mean lawyers now have more freedom in naming their firms.

He says the change will not cost the firm a great deal of money, explaining: “When we changed the letterhead it was at the same time that our stock ran out.”

He adds: “The only cost will be replacing literature and some of our signs.”

Simpson plays down the change, saying: “The decision to drop the '& Co' is hardly earth shattering. It simply gives the office a recognition of a single brand name.”