Making Pach work

The Bar Council's pupillage clearing system has found itself in the last chance saloon with criticism coming from all quarters. Calls to reform the process have been heard from students and chambers alike, forcing a pledge from the Bar to give more support to the system in the next year. However, if more time had been spent developing Pach at the start, some of the problems which subsequently emerged could have been bypassed.

It is good news that the bar is appointing a manager to oversee the system and that it is reducing the number of chambers students can apply to, as well as improving the software. Hopefully, it is not too late and chambers will remain on board long enough to give Pach another chance. At least there is a system in place to which improvements can be made. Instead of dropping out, chambers should cooperate to see how it can be made to work. Otherwise, the free for all which existed before Pach may return to haunt us.