Making light of reading

Like the lawyers at Pinsent Masons, Tulkinghorn does most of his reading in the office with the white-tiled floor. The cubicle might be small, but it is a good place to get through a Churchill biography or two.

Unfortunately, a Pinsent Masons partner recently had a less than relaxing read of his favourite tome in the office conveniences.

According to one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes, the firm’s new environmentally-friendly motion-sensing lightbulbs turned off halfway through said partner’s stay in the reading cubicle.

He had been so absorbed in his reading matter that he had forgotten to, ahem, make a movement to be sensed.

Furious, and with trousers at half-mast, the unfortunate had to stumble out of the cubicle in the dark before the lightbulbs sensed his presence and suddenly turned on again.

Tulkinghorn suspects he would find it difficult to convince the partner that the lightbulbs actually save energy.