Maitland and 9 Old Square reveal autumn merger plan

The largest Chancery set was forged last Wednesday (26 May) when Maitland Chambers and 9 Old Square formally agreed to merge on 1 October.

Except for planned shared facilities, barristers at the two sets will continue to operate from their existing premises.

The new set will be led by Maitland’s current heads Michael Lyndon-Stanford QC and Charles Aldous QC and 9 Old Square’s equivalent, Michael Driscoll QC.

The new 63-tenant set, to be called Maitland Chambers, will include 14 silks, making it the largest Chancery set. Its nearest competitors are Wilberforce, Serle Court and 3/4 South Square.

Of the two, Maitland is by far the stronger set. 9 Old Square, while well respected, is keen to develop its offshore and major commercial caseload. Its new senior clerk Andrew Weaver, who used to run a travel business in Australia, has been instrumental in injecting an entrepreneurial flair to the set.

In last year’s Bar Top 30, part of The Lawyer 100, Maitland was ranked seventh by turnover, with a total income of £20.6m. Average revenues per barrister were £479,000. The largest set by turnover, Brick Court Chambers, generated revenues of £33.5m and an average revenue per barrister of £540,000 Maitland was itself the result of a 2001 merger, when 13 Old Square and 7 Stone Buildings joined forces.