Mail bait

Regular readers will recall Tulkinghorn's recent account of Poppleston Allen's eNews, which had been plaguing email inboxes with vast amounts of commentary on the Licensing Bill, with only Paddy Whur breaking the tedium with news of the Chancellor's move to make Bingo a tax-free 'sport'. Whur has contacted Tulkinghorn to thank him for raising his profile with his partners – very gracious of him, even if there are only five at the firm, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Also, for avid eNewsers, Whur offers a sneak preview into forthcoming issues. The odds of receiving even more frequent emails have shortened to 5-4 on; that they will be about the Licensing Bill is a good evens bet; and that articles on betting and gaming reform will follow is a dead cert. Well, thank goodness for that.