Mackay rejoices in blooming profession

THE LORD Chancellor has hit back at critics of working conditions in the legal world telling lawyers they are in a “healthy and expanding profession”.

Speaking at the College of Law in London, Lord Mackay said: “Statistics continue to suggest that your choice of profession is by no means as unhealthy as detractors would have you believe.

“Even in the face of critics without and pessimists within, I would maintain that the legal profession is an excellent start, providing unique and challenging opportunities.”

He said that the number of solicitors holding practising certificates had trebled in the last 30 years, while the private practice turnover in the four years to 1993 grew faster than the economy.

His speech last week followed claims that proposals such as the divorce White Paper and the prospect of “no win, no fee” agreements would cut the potential earnings for lawyers.

“Lawyers must compete to offer the best and most cost-effective services to their client, and also, in the case of legal aid work, to the State,” the Lord Chancellor added.