LPC fees have risen at providers across the country, with the average cost of the course now standing at £11,550.

BPP now runs the most expensive Legal Practice Course in the country. Previously, it shared that crown with the University of Law, but BPP’s London LPC fees have risen from £15,240 to £15,740, while ULaw’s London offering has gone up to £15,670.

BPP has put prices up by 3.3 per cent across all providers. ULaw’s price hikes are less uniform: it has hiked its LPC fees by 4.5 per cent in Leeds and Manchester, but only by 0.8 per cent in Guildford and 1 per cent in Chester.

BPP’s LPC fees have risen 16 per cent in the five years since 2012/13, while ULaw’s have risen 18 per cent.

The cheapest LPC in the country remains that of Leeds Beckett University, at £7,700, followed by Birmingham City University (£8,900).

The University of Central Lancashire has raised prices by 11.1 per cent, to £10,000, but that course now includes an LLM as well. The other big rises comes at Cardiff, which has upped its LPC fees by 8.7 per cent.

LPC feesIt is still just possible to take the course for under £10,000 in the capital. London Metropolitan University’s LPC fees are £9,900.

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