Loyens & Loeff, attorneys at law, tax advisers and civil law notaries, has become the Legal Partner of the Blockchaingers. The Blockchaingers, powered by DutchChain, is the largest open blockchain innovation programme in the world. Furthermore it hosts the Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018, the second edition of the largest blockchain hackathon in the world.

Martijn Schoonewille, Partner Loyens & Loeff: “Clients in some of our focus areas such as health care, financial services, real estate and the energy sector, are looking into opportunities to automate certain operations or use technologies like big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. In the blockchain space, the worlds of software development and law meet. Becoming the legal partner of Blockchaingers allows us to better assist our clients in monitoring, developing and implementing such innovations and to contribute our knowledge of the different sectors to the tracks during the Hackathon. Furthermore, it enables us to actually work with blockchain in multiple areas with talented people instead of only talking about it.”

The Blockchaingers
The Blockchaingers is an open innovation programme to accelerate, amplify and connect the development of solutions, knowledge and the ecosystem itself. It unlocks the potential of corporates, (semi-)governments, regulators and start-ups, by developing and engaging in a full year programme. The objective is to build a joint innovation cycle with a cohesive industry, to get from challenge to use case and from prototype towards implemented blockchain solution.