Lovells refills partnership with record promotions

Lovells has promoted a record number of associates to its partnership with an astounding 31 new partners making up for the 35 who quit the firm in 2006.

The firm promoted 18 associates in 2006-07, 12 in 2005-06 and 15 in 2004-05. Its previous largest round of promotions was 24 in 2001.

The largest portion of promotions is in corporate with 15 new partners in this practice area, a massive increase compared with last year’s sole promotion.

Finance improved on last year’s promotion of just one partner with eight joining the team this year while dispute and commerce and real estate both bagging four new partners each.

The London office has 12 of the new partners while continental Europe gains the most with 16 out of 31 in various offices.

Asia will receive two new partners in the Beijing and Singapore offices while the Chicago office has one.

Senior partner John Young said: “Two thirds of the candidates are outside of the UK, demonstrating the tremendous development of the firm’s international network since 2000.”

New partners in alphabetical order:

Michael Aldrich – Corporate Commercial, Beijing
Luci Angus – Litigation, London
Domenico Borzumato – Tax, Rome
Helen Brannigan – Litigation, London
Tom Brassington – Corporate, London
Michael Bütter – Real estate, Hamburg
Bruno Cantier – Project Finance, Paris
Julian Craughan – Capital markets, London
Gianroberto de Giovanni – Corporate finance, Rome
Bénédicte Denis – Financial institutions, Paris
Michael Dettmeier – Tax, Düsseldorf
Alex Dolmans – Corporate commercial, Madrid
James Doyle – Capital markets, London
Claire Dutch – Real estate, London
Christian Eichner – Corporate finance, Düsseldorf
Nicola Evans – Corporate M&A, London
Olivier Fille-Lambie – Banking, Paris
Philip Harle – Tax, London
Ken Hawkes – Banking / project finance, Singapore
Matthias Hirschmann – Energy, Power & Utilities, Hamburg
Christopher Horton – Corporate finance, London
Christian Knütel – Project finance, Frankfurt
Andrea Monks – Litigation, London
Maegen Morrison – Corporate M&A, London
Jörg Schickert – Corporate commercial, Munich
Marcus Schreibauer – IP, Düsseldorf
Jan Schröder – Financial institutions, Düsseldorf
Christian Stoll – IP, Hamburg
Silvio Tersilla – BRI/corporate, Rome
MaryBeth Wilkinson – Litigation, Chicago
Alexander Wood – BRI, London