Lovells plays hardball

Tulkinghorn has been trying to console Norton Rose employees after, as they say, they “woz robbed” of a place in the final of the Softball Law Firm League by Lovells.

In a tense semi-final Lovells and Norton Rose drew with 15 runs apiece, but Lovells claimed that, because it got 15 runs before its rivals (well, they did bat first) it meant they were the winners.

One of the Norton Rose team told Tulkinghorn they thought it “sounded pretty dodgy”, but Lovells was adamant that it was “in the rules”.

The Norton Rose player said: “They turned down our request for an extra innings or decision by rock, scissors, paper and, after much debate, there wasn’t much else we could do, so Lovells made it through.

“Needless to say we didn’t go for a drink with them afterwards.”

Olswang will be meeting Lovells in the final. One piece of advice to the Olswang team – take the rule book with you.