Lovells partners: either egos or stays

Lovells partners have been told to put the interests of the firm before their egos. The firm has recently suffered a string of high-profile departures, notably in its private equity practice, with Marco Compagnoni and Jonathan Wood quitting the firm to join the London office of Weil Gotshal & Manges, to name but a few.

The exodus has inspired senior partner John Young to take unusual action. In a recent partners’ meeting Young told partners that he can’t stop them taking calls from headhunters, but urged them not to be ambiguous with recruiters.

Young said the danger is that, because it’s flattering to receive calls from headhunters, partners may string the caller along for a while. As such he’s asked partners who aren’t interested in moving to make their intentions clear to headhunters so as not to create the impression that more partners want to leave the firm than is actually the case.

Not that any of the uninterested partners would succumb to temptation if it was offered, of course.