Lovells fills gaps left by 2006 partner exodus

Lovells has promoted a record number of associates to its partnership with an astounding 31 new partners, making up for the 35 who quit the firm in 2006.

This follows the promotion of 18 associates in 2006-07, 12 in 2005-06 and 15 in 2004-05.

The largest portion of the latest promotions was in corporate, which won 15 new partners – a significant increase compared with last year’s sole promotion. Finance improved on last year’s promotion of just one partner, with eight made up this year, while dispute resolution bagged four, as did the commerce and real estate team.

The London office accounted for 12 of the new partners, while Continental Europe gained the most with 16. These were spread throughout various offices.

Asia will receive two new partners in the Beijing and Singapore offices, while Chicago has won one.

Senior partner John Young said: “Two-thirds of the candidates are outside of the UK, demonstrating the tremendous development of the firm’s international network since 2000.”