Losing your site

Kudos is due to Herbert Smith on its snazzy new website, launched on Monday (31 January) with absolutely no fanfare. Although, on second thoughts, the site’s quiet introduction might be just as well.

In the morning it seemed to be functioning fine. The home page photo of three lawyers standing in a bright atrium seemed to be sending all the right messages too, saying that Herbert Smith is a modern, diverse sort of firm. An added bonus was that the site retained its functionality, being just as easy to navigate as the old one.

So Tulkinghorn was a little taken aback when, by late afternoon, he discovered the new site had emulated Monty Python’s parrot and become an ex-site, the home page reverting to the Herbert Smith look of old. Had the sleek new look all been a fantastic dream?

Normal service was resumed shortly, so let’s be charitable and put it down to teething troubles.