Lording it

Which private equity partner at a top 10 City practice tried to make his former assistants address him as 'tiger'? They never did.

Court Sittings on Monday 10th February, 2003

The Lord Chancellor wishes it to be known that he will not consider it an inappropriate use of court time for judges of the High Court, Crown Courts and county courts to direct that the business of the day be halted for a period, (not exceeding two minutes) during which all present may stand in silent and respectful contemplation of his lordship's generous, sensitive and spontaneous decision to decline to accept (for the time being) the increase in remuneration and pension entitlement justly awarded to him by the Senior Salaries Review Board.

The Lord Chief Justice, the Master of the Rolls, the Vice President of the Chancery Division and the President of the Family Division have indicated their approval of the above course which will be followed at all sittings of the Court of Appeal (Civil and Criminal divisions).

The Lord Chancellor wishes to announce that he has appointed Lord Williams of Mostyn QC to head an independent Advisory Committee to consider carefully the inviolable constitutional necessity for the Lord Chancellor's remuneration to exceed that of anybody else. Other committee members will be Lord Goldsmith QC, Lord Falconer of Thoroton QC and the Hinduja brothers. The Lady Irvine of Lairg has kindly offered to act as honorary secretary to the Committee, whose recommendations will be passed to the Senior Salaries Review Board by tomorrow night.


The press office, 10 Downing Street

Her Majesty the Queen

Tulkinghorn was amused to receive the above press release, ostensibly from the Lord Chancellor's Department. Of course it didn't really originate from our friend Lord Irvine, but it seems that some of his former colleagues at the Bar have been having a little fun at his expense. Some might say who could blame them, and while Tulkinghorn couldn't possibly comment on such matters, he feels it highly appropriate that the above important information should be shared with the profession.