Lord Mayor pledges to fight for open international market

The new Lord Mayor of London, Robert Finch, is launching a campaign to open up closed legal markets, such as South Korea, to international lawyers.

Finch, a Linklaters property partner who took up office this month, told The Lawyer: “The area in which I’m going to be a champion is to make sure we get access rights for lawyers in foreign jurisdictions where we need international lawyers from London. South Korea is a good example. We shall be going into South Korea and we’re going to once again try to persuade the Korean authorities to accept the proposition that the major international practices based in London should be able to go there.”

He has also pledged to continue the campaign for a new Commercial Court started by the previous Lord Mayor, Harcourt Buildings barrister Gavyn Arthur QC.

“Anything I can do to help London legal I’m going to do. I suspect that I’ll want to certainly push as much as possible the continuation of the view that we need a new Commercial Court,” he said.
The Government is currently discussing a £100m private finance initiative to build a new Commercial Court in the Royal Courts of Justice complex (The Lawyer, 3 November 2003). However, 81 per cent of respondents to last week’s poll on Lawyer News Weekly, The Lawyer’s weekly email, did not believe that a PFI was the best way to fund the project.