Loos talk

Reed Smith‘s head of European litigation Marcus Rutherford was lunching with one of Tulkinghorn’s hacks the other day when the following emerged.

The hack had picked the restaurant, choosing Thai, which, Proustian-like, sparked a memory in Rutherford. “The last time I was here was with Rebecca Loos,” recalled Rutherford. “She’s a client, and a sweet girl.” Indeed, she ‘is’.

However, Rutherford went on to admit that, for a litigator with a fairly busy media practice, he doesn’t watch much television, so had failed to see Loos in her more recent appearances. He advised her when the Beckhams were suing the News of the World for libel.

Oh, and his wife and 11-year-old granddaughter don’t approve of Loos as a client.