Long Island firm tells workers to blow their bonuses to prop up the ailing US economy

The largest law firm in Long Island is doing its bit to help the stricken New York economy by giving all of its employees bonuses.

The managing partner of 175-strong law firm Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman is shelling out $17,500 (£11,868) with the aim of boosting the economy in the city.
Bernard Hyman is giving every one of his employees a $100 (£68) bonus on the condition that they promise to go out and spend it all in the next week.
He is hoping to lead by example and told The Lawyer that he had already heard of other law firms following his lead.
Hyman said: “I had an idea that obviously the US economy is hurting, these terrorists have frightened everybody out of the streets, out of the restaurants and out of the movie theatres.
“Because the world economy depends so much on the US economy we've got to make an effort here to get back to normal and not let these people hurt our economy.”
Certilman Balin is a 70-lawyer, full-service firm with two offices on Long Island, which is around 20 miles away from Manhattan. Most of its clients are mid-size corporates.
Hyman said: “Being in New York we all feel that we should be doing more than we are doing. We all want to be down at the World Trade Center helping, but we've all been down there and they have turned us away.
“We want our employees in the stores this week so their neighbours will keep their jobs.”
He said that the firm could well afford to make such payments and he would not rule out doing the same thing again in the future.