London: not as sexy as Bradford, apparently

London lags behind Bradford, Leicester and Glasgow as a centre for UK law firm headquarters, according to a survey of managing partners.

According to Portman Travel’s survey of the qualities managing partners desire in a city in which to launch, Nottingham is favourite, followed by Manchester and Edinburgh.

London, one of the world’s most influential financial centres, features much further down the list at number eight.

Cambridge, where Charles Russell launched just last year, featured in the bottom 10, at number 56 out of the 65 cities polled.

Managing partner at Charles Russell, James Holder, said: “We see Cambridge as an excellent prospect in a town.

“It’s very exciting not just because of the university but also because of the high number of business parks there. We think it is very appealing actually.”

Charles Russell, which currently resides in temporary accomodation in Cambridge, will be moving into permanent premises later this year.

Towns such as Crawley, Eastbourne and Sutton Coldfield are left lagging behind at the bottom of the Portman Travel survey for their lack of appeal to well established law firms.

The most attractive cities are:

1. Nottingham
2. Manchester
3. Edinburgh
4. Birmingham
5. Glasgow
6. Bradford
7. Leicester
8. London
9. Bristol
10. Liverpool

The least attractive cities are:

56. Cambridge
57. Watford
58. Blackburn
59. Crawley
60. Slough
61. Gloucester
62. Eastbourne
63. Colchester
64. Oldham
65. Sutton Coldfield