Logo stick

Hold the front page. Word reached Tulkinghorn last week that the perennial winner of the Scottish self-promoting firm of the year award, Pagan Osborne, was bracing itself for the unveiling of a new corporate logo.

According to the puff, the firm was “rebranding its visual identity and realigning its portfolio of services to reflect its core business offerings”.

Barely able to contain his excitement, Tulkinghorn read on to see what the firm’s managing partner Alistair Morris had to say on the riveting subject. Quite rightly, he was playing a tight game.

“Although we don’t want to say too much at this time,” he said, “we’re very excited about the prospect of a new corporate identity. We believe that the new-look Pagan Osborne will be worth the wait and hope that, when we launch it, clients and prospective clients will be as excited as we are at this new phase in our development.”

You can bet on it, Ally.