Living the Aviva loca

If your legal budget is starting to resemble a grape in the sun, what you need is a go-getting GC to teach you how to make wine out of raisins. Today’s inspiration is Aviva Group’s GC Monica Risam, who had been in the post for less than 18 months when she kicked off the insurance giant’s first major law firm panel review in five years.

The job was no piece of fruit cake – there’s nothing like a chief executive hammering on about costs (a £400m cost-cutting plan, to be exact) to encourage heads of legal to cast a sharp eye over private practice suppliers and their fees. Risam steered clear of anything resembling a beauty parade and demanded a 15-25 per cent headline fee discount for firms pitching for the panel. Although costs were shrinking like vines in a heatwave, she wasn’t going to hang about waiting for others to take the initiative.

If you want the juicy details on the process, you’ll have to cast your eye over our lead feature. Sorry, that glass of red will have to wait.


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