Liverpool chambers in merger talks

Liverpool sets 14 Castle Street and 25-27 Castle Street are understood to be in talks to create yet another regional super-set.

Many regional sets are desperate to find merger partners, believing survival lies in a set that can offer a one-stop-shop service.

Senior clerk at 25-27 Castle Street Joanne Stapley denies that her set is discussing a merger. “There have been rumours over the past few weeks associating us with several sets but to the best of my knowledge, none of them are true,” she says.

However, one source says talks have been taking place for the past few weeks.

If successful, the result would be a 60-plus tenant set to rival the other new Liverpool set, 7 Harrington Street, which will launch in September, the product of a merger between Martin's Building and The Corn Exchange.

Robert Fordham QC, currently head of Martin's Building, explains why his set decided to merge.

“The Bar is under threat, and the way of coping with that was either to be very small and very specialised or, alternatively, be a very large set offering all the specialist services,” he says.