Complex litigation cases have long challenged legal professionals with intricate evidence, voluminous data, and multifaceted issues. Now, with the advent of AI, legal experts have access to powerful tools that can unlock hidden patterns, streamline processes, and improve decision-making. But what about the potential risks and vulnerabilities that arise when relying on AI-driven tools in complex litigation?

Join Everlaw and Alvarez & Marsal for an insightful industry-level discussion that delves into the cutting-edge realm of AI-driven tools in complex litigation cases. We’ll explore the transformative impact of AI on the legal landscape, spotlighting the best practices and potential risks associated with the adoption of these revolutionary technologies, while ensuring data security and maintaining client confidentiality at all times.



Tom McKechnie Ward, Customer Success Manager, Everlaw

Tom is a specialist in the field of machine learning in eDiscovery, and has been with Everlaw for 3 years. A computer scientist by training, Tom has worked extensively with leading law firms and corporations to integrate machine learning into their litigation and investigation workflows.


Gary Foster, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Gary Foster is a Managing Director and leads the U.K. e-Discovery team within Alvarez & Marsal’s Dispute and Investigations practice in London. Mr. Foster brings more than 14 years of experience in forensic technology solutions, including forensic computer examinations, electronic disclosure and forensic data analytics. He specialises in running complex electronic discovery matters, using advanced analytical techniques to streamline and prioritize the process. Mr. Foster’s primary areas of expertise are fraud investigations, dispute matters and regulatory and compliance matters.

He works with clients in various industries, including banking, utilities, aviation, retail, construction and telecommunications. Mr. Foster has significant experience with complex cross-border e-discovery management, having recently led the e-discovery process for a Saudi Arabian bank, managing a complex data collection exercise, processing, analysis and review of a multimillion document set while following a court approved methodology. Prior to joining A&M, Mr. Foster worked with Ernst & Young in their Forensic Technology &Discovery Services practice in London, specialising in electronic discovery review team management and training.