In our rapidly advancing digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force shaping almost every sector, from healthcare to finance and beyond. However, the rapid proliferation of AI technologies has outpaced legal frameworks, presenting a complex web of challenges for lawmakers and businesses.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, Navigating the Maze of AI Legislation: Current challenges and Proposed Solutions, where experts in the field will unravel the complexities surrounding AI legislation. We will explore the reasons why legislating AI is an uphill battle and look into the technical intricacies, ethical dilemmas, and socio-economic implications that make crafting effective AI laws so challenging. Our panellists will shed light on:

  • Conflicting interests between AI innovation and regulation.- How do we strike a balance between ethical and responsible AI while fostering innovation and competitiveness?
  • How to address bias, discrimination and accountability in AI development?
  • How can we establish international collaboration to pave the way for coherent global AI regulations and standards?

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with thought leaders, legal experts, and industry professionals as we unravel the challenges of AI legislation and explore innovative solutions to shape a responsible and equitable AI-powered future.

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Matt Byrne (moderator), Director of Insight, The Lawyer
Matt is The Lawyer’s director of insight. He joined The Lawyer in 2003 as features editor and became deputy editor in 2014. He has written on a wide range of topics related to the business of law and management of legal services organisations. In particular, Matt leads the editorial teams for major market reports such as the UK 200, the US Top 50 and the Global Litigation 50.


Michal Dymek, EMEA Senior Legal Counsel, DocuSign

Michal Dymek is an EMEA Senior Legal Counsel at DocuSign in charge of negotiating customer and supplier contracts. He is a dual-qualified lawyer in England and Wales and Poland and a Certified Privacy Professional (CIPP/E, CIPM & CIPT). Prior to joining DocuSign, Michal worked as a legal counsel in fast-paced businesses as well as in private practice. He holds law degrees from Poland, Germany and the UK.

Andrew Dunkley

Andrew Dunkley, Director of Data Services, SYKE 

Andrew joined SYKE in 2022 to lead SYKE’s Data Services team. He is an industry recognised legal technologist with a history of innovative work in the sector. A qualified solicitor, he has a 10-year track record of working with legal data, analytics and artificial intelligence tools. He has a law degree from Oxford University and has been published in a peer reviewed journal though an R&D collaboration with London School of Economics. Andrew has a broad range of data mapping, AI and analytics experience in the legal industry, including experience with CLM, claims management, matter intake and knowledge management systems



Karishma Brahmbhatt, Counsel, Allen & Overy


Karishma is a data and technology lawyer, specialising in all aspects of data protection and privacy law. She has particular experience advising companies from a wide range of industries on Artificial Intelligence, data and tech ethics matters, data compliance projects, big data, social listening, cookies, adtech, internet-of-things, augmented reality, the use of data in the provision of consumer and business products, and complex data sharing arrangements. Karishma also advises clients more broadly on all aspects of technology and commercial matters including, digital transformation, collaborations, outsourcing, the acquisition and supply of computer and communications systems and software, IT/IP/data aspects of M&A transactions, e-commerce arrangements, and intellectual property arrangements.

Karishma is a core member of A&O’s AI Working Group, advising clients on the issues arising from generative AI on a syndicated basis. She is regularly invited to speak and write on key developments in tech ethics and data privacy matters, and has been invited by the OECD to speak on the use of AI in insurance, as well as by the Centre for AI and Digital Policy to join their roundtable events. She has been appointed as a Co-Chair of the SCL Privacy and Data Protection Group Committee. SCL is the leading UK organisation for legal professionals advising and practising within the technology sector.

Karishma has been recommended by Legal 500 for commercial contracts and Fintech, and is recognised as an “Associate to watch” for data protection and information law by Chambers and Partners. She has also been recognised as one of the ‘40 Under 40’ in the Global Data Review list 2021.]